I may not have gone where I intended to go,
but I think I have ended up where I needed to be. - Douglas Adams
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You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. – Wayne Gretzky
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Where do you get the information posted on this site?
From months and months of intensive research.   Also, much of what you read will have been submitted by fellow travelers, based
on their personal experiences on the road.  Aside from the outside resources listed here, you’ll also find informative columns from
experienced travelers that will be quite helpful to you in your quest to plan your next road trip.  Of course, the Publisher will also be
contributing unique and exclusive information on a regular basis.  

I have a website link I want you to post on your site.  How can I submit that site?
You can send it to the Publisher via the “Contact” link on each page, along with a short description of the site that the link applies to,
and why it is appropriate to post on GoRoadTripping.com.  However, please be advised that links will be reviewed individually and
may or may not be included on the site, at the sole discretion of the Publisher.  Also note that the site is under constant renovation
and is being updated continuously, and the Links section may be a bit lower on the priority list than some of the other sections of the
site, so please be patient with any updates to the Links section.  

I found some information on your site that is not correct or a link on your site that does not work.  How can
I get it corrected?
We appreciate any feedback on the accuracy of anything on the site, including any links that may not work at all or may have been
mistakenly pointed toward a site that does not match the title.  We try very hard to place information on the site that is correct and
up to date, however, it’s possible that we’ve made some mistakes based on the enormous amount of information available –
sometimes, information originally posted may have simply gone out of date.  Please send the correction (or details on why
something is not accurate) to the Publisher, with specifics on where the link or information is located, via the Contact button on any
page of the site.  Every effort will be made to make the correction as soon as possible.   

Can I write an article and have you post it?
Yes!  Please!  A big part of the experience we want readers to have when visiting GoRoadTripping.com is sharing in each other’s
travel adventures.  If you want to recall a funny anecdote, write a travelogue on your latest trip, or even write a regular column,
please send your article along and the Publisher will review it and make a decision as to where, or if, to post it.  Please note that the
Publisher reserves the right to refuse to post anything submitted, or to edit anything submitted, for any reason.  

Can you get me free tickets or travel discounts?
No, unless it is specifically included as something the site will offer to anyone – i.e. an advertiser or travel partner wants to offer a
discount or free tickets.  Please don’t ask the Publisher for any personal favors for discounts, free merchandise or tickets.   

Can you get me free hotel rooms, airline tickets, rental cars, tickets to events, tours, etc., if I write an
article for your site?  
Probably not, unless you become a regular contributing member of our staff.  But don’t let that prevent you from writing and
submitting information or articles for the site.  You never know...

Why don’t you have more information on international travel on your site?
As the site was only introduced in 2008, it is still being “test marketed” and developed throughout its first year of existence.  After
information for the United States is populated, then the site will expand to include all of North America, then international after that.  
The Publisher wants to do everything correctly and thoroughly before taking on too much expansion, so please be patient as we
expand our reach.  

Will you post an advertisement/banner for my site on your site?
Not for free, but we do sell advertising and site section sponsorship.  We also may occasionally place a banner on the site because
of a trade agreement.  Please e-mail the Publisher via the
“Contact” button to inquire about ad rates and other sponsorship

How can I advertise on your site?
Please e-mail the Publisher via the “Contact” button to inquire about ad rates, sponsorship and other affiliate opportunities.  

I have a suggestion for your site?  Do you read and respond to submitted suggestions?
Yes!  We welcome all suggestions and feedback.  That is the only way we’ll grow and improve.  You are the people out there
traveling, so if you see anything we’ve missed on GoRoadTripping.com or MotorsportsLife.com that you think might be helpful for
other readers, please let us know and we’ll certainly consider including it.  

I submitted an article/photo/suggestion and have not seen it on your site.  Why not?  
Please be patient, as this site is so comprehensive and has so many sections that your information might take a while to post.  We
will try to post anything submitted – once approved – as soon as possible, as we certainly appreciate your efforts in reading and
responding to the site.  But please be aware that anything submitted to the site has to be reviewed and may, unfortunately, be
rejected for a variety of reasons (rarely).  
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