I may not have gone where I intended to go,
but I think I have ended up where I needed to be. - Douglas Adams
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Janie's Photos
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GoRoadTripping.com is the most comprehensive travel website on the Internet today.  Many months of preparation and research
have gone into developing this new site into the premier destination for adventure lovers.  

Designed as the ultimate resource for travelers, GoRoadTripping.com will provide every piece of information needed for people to
travel efficiently and safely, whether for work or pleasure, and allow them to plan their ultimate trip. This new website will exist as
one primary site, then will have other sub-sites connected to the primary information.  The first sub-site will be MotorsportsLife.
com, and will concentrate on the lifestyle of people who travel to auto racing events (see below for further description).  Other sub-
sites that will be developed in time include information relevant to boaters, motorcyclists, casino visitors, and fans of the NFL, MLB,
NBA, NHL and college sports.

Visitors to GoRoadTripping.com will find the most up-to-date news, helpful tips and relevant information about a variety of subjects,
such as:
State-By-State sections that give the reader all of the specifics about the state they may be traveling to or through; Car travel; Plane
travel; Motorhomes/RVing/Camping; Rail travel; Bus travel and tours; Cruises or Water travel; Weather; Accommodations; Health
and Safety; Technology and Working on the Road; Eco-Friendly travel; Government Alerts and Resources; Food and Beverage; Fuel
information; Maps; Media Resources and Reviews; Money and Insurance; Packing and Accessories; Parks and Tourist Attractions;
Preparations and Planning; Scenic Drives and Cool Places; Ticket Resources and Deals; Travel Emergencies; Traveling with Pets;
Traveling Solo; Traveling with Families; Traveling with Kids; Seniors and Physically Challenged; Reader submitted photo and
travelogue sections; General travel links; and many sections will have their own Forum/Message Board, allowing readers to
exchange ideas and recommendations based on their past experiences.  

Within these sections, you’ll find relevant and entertaining articles as well as printable and comprehensive lists of options related to
that subject (with websites and toll-free phone numbers included).  Practical information as well as unique options will populate
each section, allowing readers to plan their next venture completely and with confidence that they have found all the information
they need for a well-planned trip.  

GoRoadTripping.com will focus on travel within the United States at first, but will quickly expand to all of North America, then
worldwide by the end of its first year of existence.  This site will be driven by its readers, and their input into what they need and
want out of a site like this is crucial.  By taking on gradual and careful expansion, the readers will know that each version of the site
has been “road tested” by them, and that their suggestions have been incorporated into the overall structure of the site.

The idea behind the site is to make it as user friendly as possible.  Although visually pleasing, it’s not fancy, but allows the reader to
be able to view and print any piece of information they’ll need for their next trip.  One click on GoRoadTripping.com and the user will
see each category plainly laid out, allowing for easy navigation to any section that they might need.  

Although sections will be populated with links to outside resources, GoRoadTripping.com will also provide exclusive columns and
blogs from travel experts who will only reveal their secrets and insight to the readers of this site.  

A GoRoadTripping.com Travel Club will be developed throughout the first year, allowing readers to become members of an
organization that will provide discounts on various travel-related items (airfare, hotels, fuel, rental cars, etc.), as well as offering
exclusive travel packages.  

Stay tuned!  This is going to be a great ride!