I may not have gone where I intended to go,
but I think I have ended up where I needed to be. - Douglas Adams
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Your best teacher is your last mistake. - Ralph Nader
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Health Magazine Names Top Chain Restaurants
How To Find A Doctor Online
More Airports To Use 'Whole Body Imaging' Machines
FCC Approves Emergency Alert Text Messaging System
How To Find The Best ER For Your Child
Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Travel Health Information Online World Health Organization
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International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers
DOT Information - Truck Interstate Rest Areas, Truck Stops and Scale Locations / All DOT Phone numbers, websites and locations  /
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How To Reach Your Destination Safely
6 Tips For A Safe Road Trip
Taking Safety Along
Drive Safe With Uncle Bob
Dangerous Places
Safety Tips From John Walsh of “America’s Most Wanted,” including:
Protect Your Family While Traveling During The Holidays; Bicycle Safety While
On The Road; How Can I Tell If I’m Being Pulled Over By A Real Police Officer; Staying Safe On And Off Of The School Bus
Identity Protection Toolkit, from John Walsh of “America’s Most Wanted”
Making Your Next Trip A Breeze Before Leaving The House
Money Safety
How To Have A Safe Trip
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Home Security While You Are Away
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Personal Security in Hotels
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Sexual Assault Prevention
Protecting Your Home and Safety While Traveling
Protect Your Home While Traveling
Don’t Let Pickpockets Steal Your Vacation Pleasure      
Tips For Safe Air Travel       

How To Dial "911" When You Are Not In The U.S.
All European countries - 112
Argentina - 911
Australia - 000
Canada - 911
Hong Kong - 999
Israel - 100
Japan - 119
Mexico - 060
Switzerland - 144
Thailand - 191

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Quick Vacation Workout
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Travel Fit Kit
Traveling For Business?  Work In A Workout
Stay On Your Diet and Exercise Plans While Traveling
Exercise While Traveling
Easy Exercises For Travel Fitness (videos)
Travel and Exercise
How To Exercise When Traveling
Travelers Workout And Diet Plan
Avoiding Fat Traps During Summer Travel
Fitness In Flight:  Exercises For Flying
Pumped Vacations
Staying In Shape As The Busy Traveler
Staying On Track While You Travel
The Milk Jug Workout And The Pushup
The No Equipment Experience
The Traveling Athlete:  Maintaining A High-Performance Diet
Training In A Hotel Room
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Training While Traveling
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Get In Shape Vacations

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The International Society of Travel Medicine
American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers (membership-based)

Travelers With Disabilities and Medical Conditions
Traveling With Medications
What You Need To Know About Traveling With Medications
Tips For Traveling With Medication
Prescription Medications and Travel
How To Take Medication Through Airport Security
Travel Medications
Medications For Travel
Bringing Medications Or Filling Prescriptions Abroad

U.S. Government Vaccines Home Page
Vaccines For Specific Groups Of People
Vaccine Information For Travelers
Vaccine Safety And Adverse Events
Vaccines and Preventable Diseases
Vaccine Basics and Common Questions
Vaccine Research and Development
International Certificate Of Vaccination

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AAA (free membership for ages 16-18)
Disabled Travel
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