I may not have gone where I intended to go,
but I think I have ended up where I needed to be. - Douglas Adams
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You have to treat your goal the way your dog handles a bone:  Grab it, dream, grip it tight and don’t let anyone take it away from you. – Mort Crim
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Janie's Photos
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* Check our Accommodations section for information about contacting specific pet-friendly hotels.

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Comprehensive List Of Pet-Friendly Lodging
Boarding Kennels (by state)
Pet Sitters (by state)
Pet-Friendly Lodging In The U.S. (by state)
International Pet Regulations and Policies
TSA Guidelines For Traveling With Your Pet

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Pet-Friendly Lodging In Canada

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Protect Your Pets From Disaster
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Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service’s Guide To Traveling With Your Pets

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Find A Pet Doctor, Hospital or Veterinary Clinic
Emergency Pet Clinics (by state)

Pet Vaccinations
Danger Of Pet Vaccinations
Pet Vaccinations and the Diseases They Prevent
Dog Vaccination Information
What You Should Know About Vaccines For Your Pet
Vaccine:  Shield Against Canine Diseases
Are Pet Vaccines Necessary?

Air Travel With A Pet
Travel Tips For Flying With Your Pet
Fly With Your Pet
Air Travel Consumer Report / Safe Air Travel for Animals Act
Airline Pet Rules and Regulations For In-Cabin or Cargo/Checked Pets
Air Travel For Your Pet

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Traveling With Your Pet
Traveling With Pets
Pet Friendly Travel Options/Guide
Traveling With Pets
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Pick The Right Pet Carrier
Pet Groomer Directory
Worldwide Directory of Pet Groomers
Make Sure Your Pet Enjoys Your Vacation
Pet Relocation
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