I may not have gone where I intended to go,
but I think I have ended up where I needed to be. - Douglas Adams
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Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see. - Arthur Schopenhauer
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Janie's Photos
Reader Photos
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Do you have interesting photos of your latest trip (or any trip you've taken)?  We want to see your great travel photographs!

Upload them to an off-site gallery like
Photobucket, and submit the link to that particular trip gallery to us via our Contact link, and
we'll share your images with the world.  

A few suggestions:
1) Please make a separate gallery for each trip so readers are not confused as to what they are viewing;  
2) It would also help if you labeled your photos so readers can identify what they are viewing;
3) Give your gallery a title.  It is suggested that you use your name plus the place you visited, along with the date you traveled to your
4) When e-mailing us your gallery link, include ONE photo that you feel best represents that trip, and we'll include that photo next to
your gallery link in order to entice readers to explore more of your work;
5) Make sure the gallery you submit to us can be viewed by anyone in the public domain and is not password protected;
6) Many photos need a little touch-up before sharing them with the world.  Free photo editing websites (you'll have to download the
program) include
www.Pikifx.com, www.XnView (very similar to Adobe PhotoShop), and Adobe has just released a FREE version of
their popular PhotoShop program called
Adobe PhotoShop Express;
7) Please keep photo galleries submitted to us general in nature, and appealing to a wide variety of people.  In other words, we
probably won't post pictures from your latest family reunion!
8) ONLY post photos that you have permission to post, preferably your own.  NEVER submit photos from someone who has not given
you explicit permission to do so, or that may be copyrighted.  GoRoadTripping.com is not responsible for repercussions from
readers submitting copyrighted photos or materials; there's no way we can verify whether the photos submitted to us by readers
are copyrighted.

There's no limit to this service - please submit as many galleries to GoRoadTripping.com as you wish!  We'd love to see where all of
your adventures have taken you!

Have fun!