I may not have gone where I intended to go,
but I think I have ended up where I needed to be. - Douglas Adams
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Where Even A Workaholic Can Relax
Business Travelers Lighten Their Load With Tiny Tech Gear
Great Noise-Cancellation Option For Frequent Travelers
FCC Approves Emergency Alert Text Messaging System
Europe To Allow Cell Phone Use On Airplanes
The Most and Least Wired Airlines and Airports
Comprehensive List Of State Cell Phone Restrictions
Emergency Mobile Telephone Numbers for each state
Finding a U.S. Public Library With Internet Access
SeatGuru (tells which aircraft seats are near power outlets and what type of adapter you’ll need)
Kropla (how to tell whether your electronic device can run on both the 100-volt and 220-volt currents used around the world or
whether you need to buy a converter)
Tech-On-The-Go:  Tips From A World Traveler
Wi-Fi Hotspot Locator

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* Check out your hotel’s website to see if they have free Wi-Fi or if there’s a charge.  Also research airport terminals and their Wi-Fi
capabilities.  Other places you'll find hotspots include:   Borders, Kinkos, McDonald’s or Starbucks.  Local libraries usually have free
Internet access.  
Wi-Fi On The Road
List Of Hotels With Free Wi-Fi
Free WiFi RV Parks/Campgrounds
Wi-Fi Field Report
Wi-Fi On The Road
Mobile Internet Solutions
JiWire (hotspots in the U.S. and abroad)
WiFinder (find Wi-Fi hotspots)   
Boingo – www.boingo.com
iPass – www.ipass.com
T-Mobile - www.t-mobile.com
CyberCaptive - www.cybercaptive.com (lists businesses that offer Internet access at public terminals)
CyberCafes - www.cybercafes.com (lists businesses that offer Internet access at public terminals)
Satellite Internet Connections
Free Wi-Fi
Cafes, Kiosks and More
RV Internet Access News
Nationwide Internet Access Through RVUSA.com
Get Online With A Laptop Cellular Card
Guide To The Cellular Internet
Wi-Fi To Go:  Hot Spot In A Box
Get Ready To Be Able To Log On At 30,000 Feet

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Renting A Cell Phone Abroad
Use Your Cell Phone To Travel Better
Cell Phones In The Air?
Cell Phone Tower Maps
Detailed Cell Phone Tower Maps
Top 5 Pre-Paid Cellular Phones and Pre-Paid, Pay-As-You-Go Cellular Plans
International Cell Phones, World Phones, SIM Cards, Satellite Phones
Ratings Of Pre-Paid Cell Phones
Pre-Paid Wireless and Cell Phones

Using Phones Abroad
How To Keep Overseas Cell Phone Costs Down
GSM Network Phones ("world phones" that work internationally - T-Mobile and  Cingular are U.S. providers)
InTouch Global
Telestial (sells SIM cards/chips)

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Computer Travel Tips:  Traveling With Your Laptop
Computer Travel Tips (packing)
GPS Coordinate Calculator

Using The Web To Plan
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Mapping On The Web
Online Check-In
Guide To Web-Based Road Trip Services
Five Travel Websites That Work For You

Miscellaneous Articles
Datastorm: A New Age In Mobile Connectivity
Datastorm Field Report
The Road Wirer
Working On The Road
International Calls
Phone Cards
Electricity Conversion
GreenDot Pre-Paid Visa Card:  Pre-Paid Debit Card With Replacable Money If Lost Or Stolen
Tips and Tricks For Your Mobile Device